About InfinIAM


InfinIAM is an IT technology company offering an exceptional suite of products and services. We specialize in creative solutions for the core component of the IT industry: corporate legacy systems and the business processes they represent.

We plan our efforts using Business Intelligence techniques applied to your Intellectual Property. We ask and answer the fundamental question before you: what is the right IT path for your firm with all its unique characteristics?

Founder Jim McGowan has over thirty years of IT experience, addressing business and technical issues from multiple perspectives.  InfinIAM seeks truly innovative solutions as the most effective avenue to target client challenges.

InfinIAM has comprehensive experience across the IT spectrum:

  • Applying Business Intelligence to determine your system dimensions and components
  • Providing strategies for asset and cost management
  • Offering system transformations including migration of source code and databases to new hardware platforms
  • Consultation for new system design and requirements
  • Software development using open-source components
  • Hardware sales, maintenance, upgrades and end-of-life-cycle removal
  • Services including hosting, email, communications and private cloud virtual servers

The InfinIAM advantage is our dedication to understand the true scope of client IT resources. Our custom methodology provides an unsurpassed foundation of knowledge about the structure and complexities of your IT systems. With that knowledge, we optimally provide products and services geared to the particular constraints of your organization: capital investment costs, recurring costs, deadlines, staffing requirements, and the needs of both current and planned IT systems.

No two situations or solutions are the same. InfinIAM has the talent to craft client-specific solutions. The InfinIAM staff includes hardware and software professionals, data analysis and data mining specialists, and technical business analysts. We work with your staff to ensure all viewpoints are discussed, and that all constraints are considered. Your success is our future.

In our project work on legacy systems, InfinIAM is proud to be partnered with Cornerstone Technology, an exceptional software firm. Cornerstone is based in The Netherlands and has a 30 year history of service and product development for clients around the world.